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VG-88 EX-91 MS

Promising 2 Year Old

HFE 14135 L-L-M-Dairy Jedi Dysis.jpg
HFE 14136 L-L-M-Dairy Jedi Dysis-udder.j
Jedi x Butler x Cameron
This rising star is extremely impressive with 27 calves over 2700, 8 calves over 2800 and 1 calf at 2884 GTPI!  L-L-M Dairy Jedi Dysis has 2 bull calves that are going to Semex (Leaninghouse Prsps 26324 - GTPI 2866 and Leaninghouse Rngde 26032 - GTPI 2858).  Her son Duran (250HO14713) will be released in June 2019 and is out of our own bull, House.  Duran ranks very hight in LPI in Canada.
We continue to make IVF embryos and are very excited to see what the future holds for this high genomic heifer.  She is currently pregnant to Aristocrat.
L-L-M-Dairy Jedi Dysis was classified VG-88 EX-91 MS at 30 days fresh!  Both her dam and grand dam are classified EX.  She is easily one of the best 2 year olds that we have ever raised.
Sons in AI

250HO14713 - Duran

Genomic Data

L-L-M-Dairy Jedi Dysis Progeny Data

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